The Hindu vs TOI

Of course, this is about the recent Ad-wars between The Hindu and The Times Of India

How it all started…

Hindu rules the English daily market in Tamil Nadu. Times Of India (TOI) was a very late entrant.


TOI is a more of a page3 daily, you can get all the news on entertainment, fame etc and also some news on what matters – the serious national news stuff…! (what matters is a perception!)

whereas The Hindu is the exact opposite of TOI, which according to TOI puts people to sleep, and that was the start of serious ad-war! TOI drew first blood with the campaign – Wake up to The Times Of India!

TOI campaign
wake up to the Times Of India

As an underdog(TOI), it was important for TOI to grab the attention of The Hindu and that is exactly what happened. The Hindu retaliated…

The Hindu retaliation

and this

the hindu vs times of india toi


Then TOI came up with this:

the hindu vs times of india toi


UPDATE (10th Feb 2012)

Hindu vs times of india TOI

UPDATE: 12th Feb, 2012


waiting for the next move…




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