Case of a missing Tupperware

Is it a bowl?, is it a container?… no… it’s Tupperware!! Really, the folks at Tupperware, or at least the folks who buy it, have taken this to a whole new level. It has gone beyond the level of a container. There is no denying the fact that it looks better than the old containers/bowls, does not make a huge clunking noise when it falls down, is stylish and VERY expensive. It is no more just another “thing” to take lunch in. It is the “odd man out” if placed along with spoons, forks, school-time-cheap-lunch-box. That is the problem, it is expensive and recently I lost one.

When I broke that news at home, mom went silent. She was cutting the onions. “Where did you leave it?” was the question. I tried to play it down and said “must have left it in the cafeteria, it’s not a big deal…”. Came the angry reply “It’s a Tupperware, it is a big deal!”. I did not know if the tears were from cutting the onions or the Tupperware AND she had a knife in her hand too. The seriousness of the situation finally sank in. I told her that I will find the one lost “sheep” and bring it back to the “fold”.

I lost my sleep over it that night, “will I find it?? Or…”. Only if Tupperwares came with theft insurance!! sigh! Anyways, the next day I walked up to the house-keeping staff in the cafeteria and asked if they found a green “bowl” on one of the tables. Thankfully, they had found it and kept it safe. She handed that over to me and it was one of the happiest moments! 🙂

I don’t take Tupperware with me anymore lest I lose it and I have to lose my sleep over it! Close shave!


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