Time-Speed theory

The time-speed theory is about the speed of time, sort of the relativity theory. You would have noticed that when you are doing something that you hate to do, for example, a post-lunch boring meeting or a college lecture, every minute feels like an hour. On the other hand, when you are doing something interesting, example tea break or vacations, time flies really fast.

 The speed of time also slows down when you are looking forward to some super fun stuff. I am planning a roadtrip to Goa with some friends of mine. I have a week to kill before the trip. Since I am looking forward to that trip, the time seems to go so slow. The ideal way to confuse time or solve this problem and speed up time would be to schedule a boring meeting next week, this will make time go fast till the meeting, just before the meeting begins, cancel the meeting – that would be nice way to fool time AND get fired from job! Can’t do that.

SO, the plan is to do something interesting everyday (that way Time is obliged to go fast!) and next Friday will come sooner OR at the least it would come on the normal pace, wont slow down the occurrence of Friday, because this short interesting days will negate the elongation of time(due to the Friday expectancy)!

This blog would have felt like it took a lot of time to read, right?! – hence proved!


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