Baby Shopping

No we did not go to shop for babies. We did… uff! How do I put this? We went shopping to buy some stuff for my friend’s niece and nephew. Him and I wanted to buy some toys and dresses for the baby. Even in babies, the guys are so simple to shop for, and the girls… so complicated! We wanted to be done with the easy thing first, so we went to the kid’s toys section. For the boy, we put a car in the cart and done! Now the girl. What does one buy a girl, a four-month old girl. I suggested fluffy dolls, we went looking and found Giraffe/Donkey. It was a weird doll but it was fluffy. But my friend turned it down saying “It’s a donkey and what will my mom say when she sees that my first gift to my niece is an donkey”. Made sense and we moved along to a section which had a sort of hybrid Kermit. It was like Kermit, but it wasn’t. Had scary eyes and long neck. I told my friend that the kid is gonna be really scared with that doll. Since he is a car-crazy guy I gave him an example which I though he would understand. “The kid’s early years are like the first 1000 kms of a car, you have to drive it the right way to tune the engine well for the future.” He gave me a weird look and so did another lady who was buying something for her kid. Finally, after 15 whole minutes of looking around, we ended up buying the hybrid-Kermit for the girl.

Now to the dresses. We picked up one tee with bright colors, red and green stripes. In retrospect, OMG, the kid is gonna look like a Christmas tree! Nevertheless, we started looking(for dresses) for the cute little niece. There were so many varieties and sizes and colors. Frocks and skirts and tee’s and shorts and… more stuff. We picked up two tiny tee’s and they looked perfect for a four-month old baby. Babies can’t get smaller than that, so we thought! As we were walking around looking for more clothes and holding the two tee’s in our hand. A sales assistant came to us and asked how old the baby was. We showed her our prized possessions of clothes and said confidentially, four months old. She gave us a sympathetic look, the one she is used to giving guys who come to pick clothes for kids, and said “what you are holding in your hands is for 6-year olds.” We were stunned. How can clothes/kids be tinier. But they are!, apparently. We were shown to the right section to look for 4-month old’s clothes. We picked up three tee’s.

There is always this one uncle in a family from whom one would rather get a gift voucher. I sincerely hope my friend doesn’t turn out to be that one! 🙂

Dedicated to The Niece and Nephew! 🙂

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