On the way to office he saw an Audi A6 fly past him. He sighed! “How does that guy get to drive such an amazing car?” he wondered. He has been driving the same Ford Fiesta for the last three years, and that was the first car he had started driving. “The start was great but what’s the point of driving the same car even after three years”, he thought. He wondered about his salary which had not seen a lot of increase in the recent past. The last time his boss gave him a hike was more than a year ago, even that was after creating such a fuss. He had convinced his boss by saying that the rent had increased and his wife was about to deliver another baby.

The office was 5 Kms from the house. The house was on the outskirts of the city just as the office was, so he enjoyed the drive. Lesser the traffic, better the drive. But he would have loved it more to drive in a better car.

His boss was a good man, a reasonable man. They often had small talks and sometimes they even managed a laugh. But if he wanted to talk about a hike, the boss had better be in a good mood. He knew for a fact that today his boss would probably be in a good mood as his son had come third in the state in his 10th grade exams.

As he drove into the parking lot and looked for a vacant lot to park in, he found one next to a Skoda Laura. This was it. He had enough of thinking about the hike and the new car. It was time he summoned up his courage and asked his boss.

Summoning up enough courage, he looked behind over his shoulder at his boss sitting in the car and said “Boss, could I get a hike? Other drivers have higher salaries.”



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