Petrol Bunk cons

Just a post to caution everyone to be alert while filling petrol.

I was at the IOCL petrol bunk near Guindy, Chennai. I asked the bunk person to fill petrol for Rs.500, he obliged and I stepped out of the car to see the petrol meter. He reset the meter and it showed zero. He started filling the tank. Then he asked me “can I fill for Rs.300”, I was surprised. I told him why he would do that, when I wanted petrol for Rs.500. He said that he had misunderstood what I told him earlier and he thought I wanted 5 litres. Then he apologized and stopped the meter, it was reading Rs.100, he had put petrol for Rs.100. He keyed in some number in the machine panel and the meter started running again (from Rs.100 not from rs.0) and he started filling the car tank.

At this point I became alert as my cousin had already told me a similar technique the bunk people use to con people.

I was looking at the meter closely and it read Rs.400. And the petrol guy showed me the meter and said “done”. I asked what he meant, I wanted petrol for Rs.500 and not Rs.400. He said “I already put for Rs.100 and then I put for another Rs.400, so that’s Rs.500”. (what happened was he did not reset the meter to zero, after putting for 100). Since I already saw this coming. I just looked at him, and told him “Don’t try this with me. I know guys like you, dont cheat.” He realized that I had caught him. Then he acted as if he was confused and looked at the meter for sometime and said “sorry, my mistake” and then he put for another 100. His name was Elango, so he said.

what happened was

He put for 100 and then put for another 300 and the meter read = 400
He said “first I put for 100 and now for 400 so its 500” but in fact he had just put petrol for 400.


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