Being THAT guy!

If you have already read my posts on – “How to prove your “straightness” “…. and “Good Samaritan.. Not happy/gay at all!!“, you could come to a very wrong conclusion. Before you come to your own conclusion on what the “THAT” in the title refers to, I would like to tell you beforehand that, “that” in that title doesn’t mean that.

In my office, we have a culture (no not THAT culture, lemme finish!). When someone is about to get married and wish to give the wedding invitations, one person (usually a friend) accompanies that person to give the invitation, as a helper! The “that” in that title is this: helper. I had to be the helper today for a friend of mine. The task of the “helper” is simple. To assist the groom by carrying the cards while the groom is giving away the invites to the colleagues and not to steal his thunder whatsoever. I thought it was that simple but it wasn’t, so a few tips for the future-whomsoever-becoming-helper.

  1. Keep a spare pen. Else you will be made to beg for a pen! It is hard to keep track of a pen when the groom is busy handing invites and chit-chatting with colleagues. 
  2. Carry the invitations in your hand. If the invitations are too many to be carried by hand, take it in a bag that is NOT a polythene/makes-loud-noise material. It makes so much noise inside the office that everyone stares at you and it is really awkward. Take my word on this!
  3. After all the visits, be sure to ask for your invite, cos most probably the groom would forget to hand you one. 
  4. Be ready to walk, walk and walk more. It’s worse than shopping with a girl. In case your office is really big, you might want to do some warm ups before start distributing invites. OR if the groom is a well known person in office!
  5. Please encourage the groom to finish all the invites, else you will get a cold dangerous stare from the bride (who also happens to be a friend of mine) suggesting “why did you bring so many invites back, I can’t throw them in the trash due to sentimental reasons, so I will have to live with these extra invites for the rest of my life”!!

And to the couple : Cheers, have a great, happy married life! 🙂

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