India – Republic Day


I was no good in history class, I don’t exactly know what republic day is! But I do know that it was the day when constitution of India came into place (wikipedia). You know, the constitution, with laws and rules and rights and duties and stuff. I do know that it is related to the independence of our country. I read couple of blogs about how we should be grateful and patriotic.

Yes, it is good that we got the independence. But I fail to understand what we got out of that other than of course, the “independence” from the British. But we are still not free! Does it take a lot to know that?

  • The corruption
  • The greedy people everywhere – The conductor in the bus trying to gain a 50ps by not giving change.

Hey wait, I thought the list will be long… hmm!, I guess that’s it! In fact even that’s not the root cause. The root cause, I think, is that we did put a good constitution in place but we didn’t don’t have the people to stick to it!

Nevertheless, we did put a good constitution in place, for that, Happy Republic Day. But please don’t ask me to be patriotic. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, it’s just the people and the corrupt people with power that take the patriotism out of… well, the patriotism!


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