I took a friend to a hospital today. We shall call the victim “R”. He had some pain near the cheek bone, under the eye. It hurt a lot, so he said. We went to the doctor’s room and he asked my friend what the problem was. R pointed to his face, gently touched the place where it was hurting and told the doc the problem. So the doc poked his face and asked him where it is hurting. First time the doc pressed his finger on R’s face, R winced in pain and said “Yes, that’s the place”. The doc pressed R’s face again, my friend winced again. The doctor pressed the same spot at least three more times as if to make sure R was not telling a lie!

What was the doc thinking?! Why do doctors, or this particular one, do that? Would anyone go to him if it wasn’t paining. Just to go to the doc, lie to him and pay for all that!

Finally the doctor didn’t know what the exact reason was and prescribed antibiotics worth Rs.500.

As I thought the painfully horrific episode had come to an end and about to leave with my friend, I was to encounter one more final act.

AFTER prescribing the tablets he put the pen in his shirt pocket, as he did that his hand rubbed against the stethoscope. That’s when, I think, he realized that he is SUPPOSED to use that on the patients. We were about to leave, but he called us back, made R sit down. Then he plugged the stethoscope in his ears and pressed the “mic” part of it against my friend’s chest and asked him to breathe.

Could he BE more fake!!


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