Vodafone Ad – the sound of silence!

Vodafone ads have always been a class apart. Very innovative and always with a pleasant catchy tune. Those were the TV Ads. Recently I happened to witness their ads in another media. Its visual, same as TV, but in a Cinema hall.

I went for Aadhavan(review) on Diwali (Yes, I was unfortunate enough to do that). I usually don’t go out during intervals, to buy stuff. I wait for the first song after the interval to go out and get some chow.

So I was sitting inside going through messages on my mobile and replying. All the jazzy ads came up and they were LOUD. I think the concept of these ads being louder than the movie is to make sure that the people who have gone out during interval are able to hear!! :). They are THAT LOUD!! Or the geeky version would be there are less humans inside to absorb the sound and therefore.. blah.

It was loud and I was busy with my mobile, not even caring to look at the screen. Right then, all went quiet – the sound, except for the sound of people talking. It went quiet! I stopped what I was doing and looked at the screen to see if it’s working. There was a red square on the right half of the screen which said “Special Nokia handsets available at Vodafone stores”.

Wow!! All they did to make me look at the ad was one crucial differentiating factor – NO SOUND!!


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