TEDIndia 2009 Fellows!

TED needs no introduction! So I’m not gonna give one. But TED Fellows do need that and that’s what I’m planning to do, thanks to Kiruba for coming up with the great idea. Its a collaboration with a bunch of people who would be interviewing specific TED Fellows.
I have been given a list of people whom I am planning on interviewing. You can feel free to write to me any questions that you want them to answer.
I’ll select a few of those questions.

I’m planning on interviewing the following TED Fellows.

Pulkit Gaur (India) – Founder of Gridbots, a technology start-up working to make machines more intelligent and user-friendly

Neha Gupta (US) – Computer scientist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, dancer and co-founder of EachOneTeachOne, a website for online volunteer education

Sarath Guttikunda (India) – Founder of UrbanEmissions.Info, a repository of information and research related to air pollution

Asher Hasan (Pakistan/US) – Founder CEO of NAYA JEEVAN, a social enterprise dedicated to providing low-income families with affordable access to quality, catastrophic healthcare

Lisa Heydlauff (India) – Founder and director of Going to School, a creative nonprofit trust that makes magical movies, books and radio for children

The questions can be posted here:

Sam Jayanth

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