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You know how goldfish remember everything (everything that you don’t want them to). Oh, by the way, by “goldfish”, I mean the girl friends. “Girl friend” sounds derogatory at times, I’ve heard those complaints. The term “Goldfish” as a substitute for a “girl friend” came in to being… oh, that’s another blog. 🙂

note: From here on “goldfish” mean the other kind (not the real fish) unless stated otherwise.

Anyway coming back to the memory power of goldfish, they are pretty sharp. They tend to remember everything that you do not want them to. So when you say certain things you are very much liable to be quoted again. And guys never learn! Guys say things, at times, that can’t be quoted again. I don’t mean that they don’t mean what they say, but some things are contextual and some are principles / core values. The principles and core values can obviously be quoted anytime and on the other hand is the unquotable stuff that is contextual.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is there should be a code which allows goldfish to quote or not quote the guys later. Say, something like Q(for quote) and UQ for unquote. 🙂

Imagine you(guy) are saying something and suddenly think that it can be misquoted in the future, you can just say UQ. Example: saying “Love you” is Q (depends!) but “you are right, I agree” is a sure UQ.

Guy: Hey, blah blah…
Girl: what you should do is… blah blah
Guy: you are totally correct, I agree!
and he freaks and he can say : thats an UQ
Girl: good move! (disclaimer: Or there might be an argument, which I am not responsible for!)

bla bla bla

Guy: ok, cathyu tomorrow
Girl: sure ok, later then
Guy:Love you
Girl:love you too
Guy:oh by the way thats a Q 🙂

Disclaimer: this blog is UQ


Sam Jayanth

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