Funny corruption!

I was on my way to office on my bike, when the cop stopped me. I had my helmet on, driving below the speed limit (because of traffic!), yet he stopped me. I pulled over!

“Take out your license, registration and insurance” said the cop. I had only one of the three – my license. The papers were not with me, as I had given my bike for servicing and didn’t put the papers back on the bike.

I showed him my license and he was looking for “more”.”Sir, I don’t have the papers with me, had given my bike for servicing.” I said, trying to look sincerely apologetic. He wouldn’t budge. “Sorry, you will have to pay the fine of Rs.1050”

I remembered that I had 325 bucks in my wallet last night while coming back from office. And spent the 300 buying some stuff on my way home. So do the maths, I had 25 bucks. 🙂

That was when the cop caught another person and unfortunately that poor chap had a learner’s license. So the cop told him “Sorry, you will have to pay Rs.1050”

I’m thinking “Is there some kid of a standard rate nowadays, ‘everything for just Rs.1050′”?!! 🙂


Poor chap: “Saar, saar, please… 1050 bucks I don’t have, saar”
cop(saar): “So what?!, you have to pay the fine”
poor chap: “Saar, please”
cop(saar): “Ok! how much do you have?”
Poor chap: “Saar, I have only 200 bucks”
cop(saar): “Ok, give me that”

Then the Poor chap (who turned out to be not so poor) takes a 500 rupee note from his wallet. He looks at the cop, and says “Can I have the balance?”

Me, all the while trying to keep a straight apologetic face, thinking – What the hell is happening here. Is this a cop or cup ice cream shop? Look at his guts! asking for balance.


All the while, I’m standing there trying real hard not to laugh. And then the cop turns his attention towards me.

God, What to do?! Then the idea strikes. I have 25 bucks with me and this is 23rd of the month. Thanks for the ATM cards, I don’t have to carry all the cash with me!! 🙂

So I took my wallet out. As soon as I opened it, the cop’s eyes frisked the wallet, I saw those disappointed eyes and said “Saar (I heard and evolved), I’m so ashamed but you should know that I have only 25 bucks with me, this is the last week, and I have one more week of office and I have only 25 bucks for petrol… please understand saar”

This is what I never expected.

The cop gets very upset and puts his hand on my shoulder and apologetically (he’s almost in tears!) says “Oh, I’m so sorry, please ride safe. It’s okay if you don’t have the money. Just ride safe. Next time please have the papers with you.


Anyways he was nice cop. 🙂


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