Nun of that!

Jose and Vikram sat for lunch and Jose began the conversation “I was going to Kerala by train last weekend and guess what happened?”

“hmmm… you saw a beautiful girl, spoke to her, got her number and you guys are friends now, correct?” said Vikram

“Nope, listen to the story now. I got in the train and mine was a side upper berth, as usual”

“Just one last question and then you can continue with the story, why do you always take the side upper berth?”

“Would you please let me get on with the story? God! Ok, I’ll answer that some other time” replied Jose with an all knowing smile. And Jose continued “So I put my air bag on top and was looking forward to whoever was gonna come to the lower berth. I had seen the charts, and it said F 25. So obviously I was looking forward to it. I was sitting and looking at the aisle. That’s when I heard a girl’s voice from behind me, from the other side of the aisle where I wasn’t seeing, “excuse me, can you please help me with this bag.?” I couldn’t believe my luck. The voice was perfect; I bet this girl even sings. And I turned towards her. Then I couldn’t believe my bad luck. She was a sister!!”

“It was a sister? How is that possible, didn’t you know she was your sister before you met her in the train?”

“No, moron. A sister, as in, a nun”

“Oh my God, you hit on a nun? Shame on you, dude. No more of this stupid story.” said Vikram, loud enough for the whole cafeteria to stare at them.

“Dude, I DID NOT hit on her and please hear me out” and he continued “I helped her with the luggage, was just being polite. And went up to my berth. It was an overnight journey and the train started by 8. I came down at 9 to get a bottle of water and a cup noodles from the pantry. I came back and saw her reading the Bible. I introduced myself and had a small talk with her for ten minutes and went up to my berth to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of rain and I knew the train had entered Kerala. I saw the time, it was close to 6 AM and I was to reach the station in another 2 hours. I looked down to see if the nun had woken up. She hadn’t, she was peacefully sleeping and my eye caught the end of her bed sheet fluttering due to the wind from outside. The sheet looked in a bad state; the fan in the train wasn’t helping it. The end of the sheet was creeping up, already the ankles were visible. And I noticed one guy sitting on the opposite berth and staring. He was looking at the nun, even though shifting his eyes, frequently. I knew I had to do something and say something to the nun. I looked away and looked at the bed sheet again, the fan wasn’t helping the cause. And this other guy was still frequently staring. Enough was enough; I got down and tapped the nun on her shoulders. She got up, a bit startled. I told her that the sheet was not covering her up well and she should do something about that. She smiled at me and thanked me. At that time I saw the other guy get up from where he was sitting and go to another berth.”

Vikram was shocked and said “Good job, Jose. I always thought you were a prick” he smiled and continued “That other guy is the real prick. Hmph!!”

Over another lunch table in one other company, two friends were talking.

One said “We should never be too quick to judge anyone”

And the other said “why, what makes you say that?”

The first one said “I was in the train, saw this nun sleeping and the bed sheet wasn’t doing any good. Because of the fan it was creeping up and already over the ankle. I went to a berth next to hers and sat there thinking about what to tell her without startling her. And then I saw this guy who was sitting on the berth above hers and looking at her, eyes shifting from her ankle and the fan. I thought he was a prick staring at her. Enough was enough; I summoned enough courage to tell the nun, and got up to tell her. As I just got up, that other guy jumped down from the berth and told the nun about the sheet. She fixed the sheet, and I came back to my seat. I judged too soon. Nice guy, he was!”

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