Hindustan times – It is time!… some don’t agree!

I’m sure many of you (if not all) have seen the recent Hindustan Times “It is time” ad on TV. I loved the ads. Well thought of, well timed… 🙂
(click on the title of each ad to view them. Don’t worry, they all open in a new tab!)

Time for better journalism
– nice
Every viewer hated the bad journalism, especially what happened during 26/11 – terrorist attack. So everyone liked this ad piece. It was really nice.

Time to stop being cynical – well thought
Everyone things everybody else is cynical. So this ad was very well thought and clicked well with the audience. And it IS time for us all to change the mindset!

Time to stop panicking – well timed
With the swine flu taking a huge toll in India, it wasn’t the best ad. But I’ll still give it some good points, coz they are right about people panicking. There is no point in panicking. They have also safe-played the ad by showing that the person is ABOUT to sneeze. Doesn’t sneeze. Unintentionally or intentionally, HT gets away with that.

But the last one,

Time to open our minds – AHEM!!

The first three are good. I agree! But this one – they really pushed it. This is still India and a large population still does not support it. You can talk about freedom, you can even talk about certain law, certain nations but the bottom line is, this paper (HT) is targeted for Indian audience, and this ad was a mistake. There are a lot of people with certain religious convictions, certain “principles”, who are still not open to it. This ad was a stretch, they never needed this piece.

when I have spoken about the last ad, many(not all) people were not for it. This is a post from observation.

Just an observation, what’s your opinion?

Sam Jayanth

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