Silver, ya.. but why the jubilee??

NOTE : those who are going to be 25 and those who are already, please don’t read the post. 🙂

25 years old. Quarter century. Given the average life span of an Indian is 62, what is there to celebrate when someone turns 25?! Why do people even call it a jubilee. I agree that one can celebrate 25 years of service in a company/firm. YAY! that’s good news, something to celebrate. But, seriously, turning 25 is more like nearing the end of something! 🙂

Before 25, birthdays equal gifts. All a person is excited about are the gifts. But by the time a person turns 25, he is old enough to realize that the gifts are just a ploy to distract you from the reality, which is aging.

But there is one good thing though. The silver “jubilee” cards should read something like this 🙂 : “We know you have turned 25 and you think it’s a sad occasion, but cheer up! there are worse times to come, say in 5 more years, you will be 30 then even before you know it, you will be 40 and so on. The hits keep coming! So whatever your age, don’t feel bad, coz there is worse coming up. And the good news is, when the worst happens, you wont even realize it coz you will be dead already.” 🙂

Anyways cheer up, It’ll be all over before you even know it!
Sam Jayanth

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