Hunger pangs..Thank God!

My good friend’s(guy) good friend’s(gal) birthday is coming up. We went around scouring the city for a good gift to buy for her. I was obviously tricked into going shopping with him.

He called me and said that he wanted to grab dinner outside. With the swine flu holding the city hostage (dramatic :)), the wise thing to do was not to go. But I figured “hey, what the hell? A friend wants to grab dinner outside, so be it”. And I went to his place, dropped my bike there and went on his car. When we made our first turn to a gift shop parking place, I knew I was trapped.

He went inside, I had no other choice, I had left my bike at his place… so, WE went inside. Looking for a gift, our eyes caught the scaled down model of a Ferrari, then a monster truck. “Boys will be boys!” I hear the fairer sex readers mumbling. :). So we went on drooling over the models (of the cars, of course 🙂 ) when hunger pangs brought us to our senses and that is when we realized that we were there to buy a gift for her. So he got her a gift and we went on our way for dinner.

Thank God for hunger pangs. If it wasn’t for the hunger call, my friend would have forgotten to get her a gift and wouldn’t have lived to see another dinner, ever! 🙂

Sam Jayanth

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