Friendship day

I define that(friendship day) as any other day, with only one difference, which being, today you get an excuse to get mushy with your buddy, an excuse to let him / her know that you are thankful. I stress on “excuse” coz it is one! Everyday is an opportunity to thank your friends, but this day gives you an excuse to do it.

I’m not against it, I’m fine with it. I happened to capitalize on this by sending mails to some of my good friends ( I say some, coz I’m sure I must have missed out someone or maybe I did intentionally miss out but want them to think that it was an unintentional mistake ). Nevertheless I do have one tip to people who are sending or already sent mails and cards to your friends.


Make sure you also tell your friends (to whom you are sending mails / cards) which other friends you sent mails/cards to. It’ll be a mess if the person who thinks you consider him close meets the friend whom you consider close and sent the mail/cards.


Sam Jayanth

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