Nikkah – Dont eat and go.. Go and eat :)

If there was ever one day when I did not regret not eating breakfast, it was today. Not only did I not regret but I was happy that I did not have breakfast.

It was my family friend’s wedding… no, that doesn’t sound right. It was my family friend’s daughter’s wedding… no, wait, if her family is a friend of my family, then technically she is a friend of mine… ya!! So it was my friend’s wedding. 🙂 And it was a Muslim wedding (nikkah).

I got one advice for everyone:


The food was really good… and that’s the reason I was happy I missed breakfast. This time it was not only the food but everything was good. And I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I usually don’t mention many people in my blog. But I will, this time. I attended the nikkah of my good friend, Rizwana and Shanawaz. God bless you guys. Have an awesome married life.:)

It was a privilege to be present at a good friend’s joyous occasion. 🙂

Sam Jayanth

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