Misconception #1

I was at a conference today. I’m not the person you might have wanted for public speaking some months back (refer:How not to Compere / be a MC), but I have learnt it now. And the following are the two things that an MC can do, other than the usual welcome speech and other rant:

1. Tell the people where the rest room it. COME ON! you guys provide water at all tables and the AC is on. THINK!

2. Please say this: “This is a gentle reminder for you all to switch your mobile phones to silent mode. But I know some of you may not do it, but please, if you have any embarrassing ringtones, like a bird chirping etc. I suggest you take my advice”

I don’t get it: How hard is it to put your phone on silent mode. There was actually a guy with the “chirping bird” ringtone… HELLO!! 🙂

(psst, gals have lost interest in certain guys due to “wrong” ringtones :))

Anyway, the misconception :

Misconception – The Queues form the quickest when it comes to food.

Its a misconception because “The queues form quickest when it comes to free cocktail bars” and they down it so quick(cos its free) that the queue does “fall out” pretty fast too… literally!

Sam Jayanth

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