Going the extra mile… Not always good!

Me being the generous, kindhearted fellow, pushed my luck the other day. Pushed the “wrong” key in the all-in-one photocopy machine, if I may say so. Did the extra mile.

As many of you know that my sister got married recently and flew off to the US. Being the “wedding helper”, I had to scan her marriage certificate and send her a copy of that.

My office has one of the bulky all-in-one(includes trouble) photocopy machine. Does scanning, photocopy, printing etc.(“etc” here meaning ‘I have no idea what else it does but there must be more’). So I walked up to the machine with the one original copy in hand, to be scanned. And there was a guy taking 50 copies of some form. After he was done. I walked to the machine and kept the sheet of paper on the glass pane. It had a touch screen. ooooohh, fancy!… I was about to press the “scan”, when my eye caught the “photocopy” on the screen. I figured (bad part) why not take a copy as well. It’s always good to have an extra copy. So thus I pushed my luck, thus I pressed the “photocopy”.

The machine went “swish” (please replace with whatever sound you think a photocopying machine makes when its photocopying). And out came a photocopy. Then came another “swish”, I stopped. Then came another “swish”, I stared at the machine. Another “swish”, I was shocked when I saw the “number of copies” read “50”. The “number of copies” didn’t change after the other guy took 50 copies. OMG! Time to freak out. Tried pushing all the keys there, and the “swish”ing wont stop. Finally, after pressing the keys for some 2 minutes, it stopped. I gave a sigh of relief, only to be shocked again to see the 50 copies of the marriage certificate had already been made.

All because I chose to go the extra mile!

50 copies of MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE! I don’t have a way to get rid of those. Can’t even use them as a one sided rough sheets, I think I’ll send one to every family that came for the wedding. So I put them all in my desk draw and walked back to machine, to ONLY scan , this time.


Sam Jayanth

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