Friend in need

New category announcement…

There’s gonna be a new label in this blog. This is for my friends in need. I’m gonna call it “Friend in need” label.

Some months back, a good friend of mine wanted to sell his Libero(the bike) and asked me if I knew anyone who would wanna buy it, “Nope” was my reply, even though I really hoped I had a way to send that message across to my other friends.

Yesterday, another friend of mine who is looking for a house in Chennai, asked me if I knew any house for rent. “Nope” was my reply, even though I wanted to help.

So I figured I’d post it in my blog and label it as “Friend in need”. Those who are interested to help and got any information can comment for the particular post. If you are gonna give your number or mail ID, go ahead, but also please mention in the comment that you want it to be private. So that I will not publish the comment but give your number or mail ID to only the concerned person.

BTW, apologies for not blogging for quite some time. Bad health!

First “friend in need” : Needs apartment, single BHK, close to Velachery (preferable).. need any more details? let me know.


Sam Jayanth

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