Wow! Tired and Happy

And the wedding is over

I got two words…

Exhausted and Happy

In a marketer’s words : It was like a presentation that my brother (most of it) and me (some of it) put together and the presentation was today. I was a bit nervous, but with the help from 3 kind people, it went on well. The following are the angels God sent my way.

I don’t think any of the following blog (verb), but I’ll give the link when I find out.

Nancy – Thanks a ton. Amazing job. She kept her cool and kept me calm too. A “must have” for wedding. I have no way to know how it would have gone without you but it would have been bad. Thanks again.

Liza and Vinod – Thanks guys, you made it look so easy.

Oh, I almost forgot – Marcello (Is that the spelling?!) – The DJ – Awesome tracks. Great job dude. Contact me if you need his number.

I’m too tired today.

Sam Jayanth

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