"sibling-post-nuptial" syndrome

I already miss her.. my sister. She used to make the house so lively. Be it annoying my brother and me or fighting for the remote. She might not even wanna watch anything specific, still she will fight for the sake of it. 🙂

The “sibling-post-nuptial” syndrome – The syndrome that the family faces when one of their own get married and move on.

We used to be five before, now we are just four.
Whenever we went to a restaurant we had to pull an extra chair. Now no more!
That even rhymed.. I must be real emotional, I guess 🙂

We already had two symptoms of the “sibling-post-nuptial” syndrome:

1. After the B’lore reception (groom’s side reception), we (dad, mom, bro, me and the family friends, with whom we where put up) got in the Innova and headed back home. My dad asked “is everyone in, shall we go”, and I replied “No, sis hasn’t come”. As soon as I said it I realized that she wont be.

2. We ( now only 4 of us) were to go to B’lore to send her off and we were planning on booking a cab (indica). And my brother spoke out “how will all five of us fit into an Indica?”. We all stared at him for some time and then he realized we are just four now.

no cheers

Sam Jayanth

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