Dude! Where is the party.. our party?!

It was my colleague’s one year old daughter’s birthday party at a party hall at a good hotel. So Jai (my colleague) invited me and the rest of the team, and of course lot of his realatives. I have seen his daughter before, she’s a lovely little girl. We will call her “S”*. I have seen S before on another party at my office. “Why all these details” you ask, “patience” I reply 🙂 .

The plan was for me and one other friend of mine to go in my bike. And the others were to come in the train (similar to a tube, except it’s not! 🙂 ). My friend and me reached early and went inside the hotel, hoping to reach the hall before S (of course with help from her parents) cut the cake. We went to the reception and asked where the birthday party was and he seemed a bit lost but manage to reply “first floor”. We went to the first floor and as the receptionist had suggested, Lo! behold! there was a party hall.

I opened the door and in one swift motion the camera man turned his lens on me, accompanied by the irritating, hot yellow “spot” light. Boy! for a second, I thought I was looking at the end of the tunnel (called my life) and gonna die. By the time I realized it was the bright camera light on my face, I moved back(and out to the corridor) closing the door. My friend asked me “what happened”. I told him about the “near death experience” and also suggested that I didn’t see any familiar faces in there. He suggested those un”family”er faces must be Jai’s family. After all the suggesting, the only suggestion any outsider would have given us would be “now, get in”. So we went in.

It was a nice little hall, around 30 chairs, a pulpit with a table and cake on it, and a couple with a beautiful baby girl. And of course, the camera was still very much focused on us, accompanied by the usual “spot” light.

We sat there for 2 to 3 minutes which felt like eternity ‘coz (not that I was in the arms of the girl I love, sigh! I wish.. oh, that’s another blog!) everyone was starring at us and I still did not see Jai or S. After the eternity passed ( this one was a finite eternity!) I realized something was wrong here and I’m sure my friend shared my opinion when he said “Where is Jai? Please call him”. He had his mobile in his hand, so he dialed and gave that to me.

Me: “Jai, where are you?”
Jai : “In the party hall, where are you?”
Me ( realizing the blunder of believeing the receptionist) : “In the party hall too”
Jai : “I dont see you here, where exactly are you seated”
Me : “In another hall, of course! which floor are you in?”
Jai (realizing the mistake of inviting fools for the birthday party :)) : “On the second floor.”

Ok. Mistakes happen! We excused ourselves from the other party and saw a sigh of relief on the host’s face, I think I overheard someone say “It’s ok, no need for the security, hang up” 🙂

Good news – we made it in time to the right hall to see S cut the cake.

Happy birthday, Kiddo. God bless!! 🙂

*I’m not mentioning the kid’s name for certain sentimental reasons expressed from her parents’ side.

Sam Jayanth

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