Courting at the center court!! [Short Story]

Jonathan had always wanted to play tennis. And this afternoon, here he was, at the center court, Wimbledon. As the game was about to begin, he went to one side of the net and his friend, William, to the other. That’s when Jonathan saw her. She was in the stands and had come to watch the game, of course. He could see from the corner of his eye that the guy on the other side(how easily people forget everything, even names, when they are looking at ‘the one’) tossed the ball up to serve and every instinct in his body told him to concentrate on the court but he chose to follow that one instinct which differed in opinion – to let go of everything and look at her. What’s a mere mortal to do in a presence of a heavenly beauty like that?! As he let himself get lost in her, he didn’t see the ball being served, hitting the net, falling on his side of the court and the referee saying “net service”. That’s when his friend, William, who was kneeling beside him, nudged him and said “Ball’s in your court, go get it”. It isn’t easy to be ballboy at the Wimbledon!


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