Who comes here? and how..

I was curious to know who visits my blog and how they reached here. Initially the plan was to ask everyone who visits this site : “YO! Who goes there? Stranger or friend? If a stranger, how did you find me?”, I figured that was a not an easy thing to do.

Easier was to see how many came from the search engines (Yahoo search, MSN search.. etc) and what exactly were they searching for, when they stumbled upon this site.
Following were the list of words or phrases that they entered in the search engine and landed on “Pot of Thoughts”:

I have also mentioned the blog on which they landed with that search. And in the brackets, my own comments 🙂

  1. Chumma Tamil – here
  2. “happy for you” English usage
  3. potofthots.com – here (this one could have very well typed this on the address bar)
  4. HOUSEWARMING GOOD WISHES – here (My blog was the wrong one for u, I apologize :))
  5. pot of Thoughts
  6. who wear watches on their right hand – here
  7. compere script – here ( hope the tips I gave(from my bad experience) was helpful)
  8. status message – here ( you were searching for status messages? a tip: just state whatever u were doing)
  9. house warming milk boiled over – here ( was that a statement? or a search on what to do when the milk boiled over.. Clean it, It’s your house!)
  10. samuel jayanth blogspot
  11. housewarming messages in hindi – here ( u searched for that and reached this site?? weird)
  12. English status messages – here ( take the tip from 8th point)
  13. pot babe ( say what?!) – here
  14. meaning of chumma in hindi – here (relevant :))
  15. chumma meaning in hindi – here ( same as above)
  16. why we boil milk for house warming – here (I did ask same question? shouldn’t you have gone to a site where they provided the ANSWER)
  17. wedding special helper title – here ( You searched that??)
  18. what 2 tell a friend on her birthday – here ( Dude! that blog was just an excuse for not giving a birthday gift :))
  19. Madikeri chocalate pictures
  20. www.potofs ( no comments!)

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