Pregnant gal pals phase!!

Before you jump to conclusions. No, I’m not married, I’m not gonna be a father. I’m still single and ready to mingle!

Pregnant gal pals phase:
Girls tend to get married early on and there comes a time in a guys life when all his gal pals are married and some are even pregnant before the guy even gets married. This phase of the guy’s life I’d like to call “Pregnant gal pals phase”!!

A friend of mine (colleague too) told me today that she is expecting. As she said that, I noticed that glow that gonna-be-mothers get and the mothers get while talking about their children.
This is the real time occurrence of events as it happened.

We were talking and suddenly she said “I’m expecting”.
I was thinking “what is she expecting – a raise? trip abroad?” and then it hit me..
and I went “OH!” and then I went “OHHH” and then “Wow” and then I knew something was wrong. I was supposed to say something more, then I said it “Congrats!! wow”. And I was really happy for her.

But the emotions I was going through.. boy! 🙂

Joy – Of course, I was(and am) so overjoyed for her.
Anger – I wasn’t the first one among the friends to know
Happiness – I was not the last one among the friends to know
Jealousy – She will get maternity leave 🙂

Anyway, to my friend, Am really happy for you. CONGRATS!! God bless!

Sam Jayanth

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