Layoff is so real!

I’m not planning to make any humor post here. I never thought I’ll encounter anyone who had been just laid off. Since I never thought about that, I never knew what I will tell them.

That encounter happened today.
I’m in twitter. When I see someone tweet about our products, I let them know that I’m around and they can come to me for help if they needed it (hardly happens when they are using our product!! :))

Nevertheless, I got this one guy who tweeted he was using our product. I usually let them use it for 2-3 days before introducing myself. So, after the afore-mentioned time, I contacted him. And the reply came real soon “I used it for a day, it was great, but then I got laid off. So.. “

OMG! I didn’t know what to tell him. Contrary to the common belief, marketeers DO have a heart and so I let him be.

All the very best, buddy!

It begs the question, “what does one tell someone who has just lost a job?”

Sam Jayanth

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