How to prove your "straightness" ….

If you wanna understand this post, you have to read the one about the theatre.

So here goes the way to prove your straightness. But there is a basic rule:

You have to decide which is more important to you – your physical pain or proving your “straightness”

1. Hit on any girl in the theatre, even if the gig involves you getting slapped. (remember the ground rule! :))
2. Have a magazine with a lady’s pic on it, even if that means you have to pay a lot for it, and make sure you drool on it publicly.
3. Put any object that you possess between you and the other person. Thankfully I had my laptop bag.
4. Talk, on your phone, to any gal, even if that happens to be your ex. And drool. Loudly.
5. Gorge at any gal, even she is wearing “jean”, with flowers on her well oiled hair.
6. BURP, whenever possible.

Any more suggestions…? 🙂

Sam Jayanth

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