Defining "Wedding helper"

From my previous blogs you would know by now that my sister’s marriage is fast approaching and since my brother is in another state, dad is not in town, I happen to be the only “available (or free)” guy (pun) in the house , I had to don that role. So, If there was a title like that (wedding helper) that’ll be me.

Definition: Wedding Helper : is the guy (almost never a girl) who helps in the wedding preparations by running around and doing shopping for things not many guys have heard of, and in colors no guy knew existed.

Currently in the wedding hierarchy, he is someone who is in the last position, and mostly doesn’t get paid too, cos he is closely related to either the groom or the bride. I’ve made a simple hierarchical pyramid.

But after all is said and done, more is said than done. 🙂
Even though it’s a bit hard, it remains a pleasure to help with a wedding!! 🙂

about pun: In this blogspot, puns are always intended unless stated otherwise!

Sam Jayanth

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