I take up on my shoulders, the burden to educate the masses about this one word which means two separate things in two languages (Hindi and Tamil) and has caused me lot of trouble.

“It is good to have understood than not understand at all, but It’s better to not understand at all than to misunderstand”

With the globalization, its not just the businesses that went global but individuals and languages too.

Nowadays there are no stereotypical individuals, everyone is a mix of lot of things. Similarly, the way languages are spoken, they have lost their true words and led to emergence of “sidetrack”:)languages like “Tanglish”(Tamil and English), “Hinglish” (Hindi and English) and many more.

Since I happen to be a victim of “Dad-in-bank/army syndrome” , we had to shift bases often and I was in south India(till 5th grade) as well as north India. So I know Hindi, Tamil and English (side effects of Hollywood, novels and English medium education). And this one word has caused lotsa confusions.

The culprit (word) is (drum-roll) “Chumma”.

I use the word “chumma”(Tamil meaning) a lot. Try saying it, it feels good. It’s even better than saying “genre”, cos the former cannot be mispronounced! 🙂

Chumma in Tamil means “just like that” or “casually”. Usage: I chumma called up.

Chumma in Hindi means “Kiss”(noun). Grammatically its usage mite not fit the sentence but people still get a shock! 🙂

I like saying it so much that even when I’m speaking with a northie friend I put this word in the sentence.

Now you know my plight! Next time kindly adjust. 🙂

Dad-in-bank/army syndrome: The kids whose dads are in banks / army get transferred a lot and do not belong to any one place. They do get to know different cultures but lack a sense of belonging to any one place.

Sam Jayanth

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