A tip!

When you are in a theatre, stuck in a situation like this, you tend to think of anything else to take your mind off “that” topic. Just then a girl approached a guy sitting in the seat behind me..

Gal : Excuse me, what’s your number?
I’m thinking : wow, brave gal.

That guy (obviously stunned): You are asking me?
The gal (with a smile) : YA. YOU.
The guy (still stunned): Ok.. Take it down. Its 988423..
The gal : Wait. What number is that?
The guy : My mobile number.

Then he realized and then she realized and then I realized..

She was asking for his seat number. He was giving his mobile number.

That was drama in real life in a real theatre! 🙂

A friendly tip..

When you are in the theatre and someone asks for your number.. they mean the seat number, not your phone number .. So don’t get flattered and then get embarrassed 🙂

Sam Jayanth

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