Online marketing is a lot about learning and retrospection!

Online marketing is a lot about visiting back to what you have created. Retrospection/inspection gives insight on the quality of a certain product / website. Website should be looked up on as a product that attracts people/leads to a certain other product. I read an article on why iPod stays ahead of the competition (in cut-throat mp3 player industry. Because they are able to come up with the next version before the competition thinks of it. They are able to see themselves as competition (healthy) and evolve before others do it. Thats their edge! As much as we need to stay ahead of ourselves in terms of products. We also need to stay ahead in websites (for online marketing).

I’ve been using forms on various occasions(pages) in my site. The succeeding form is always better, because of increased knowledge. It has helped me a lot in going back to the older forms, realizing the mistake (amateur in retrospect!) and changing it.

At this point, let me take an example. Building a product (say iPod) is like building a wall with logs. Place a log, then place another log on top of this one, then another…another. That is equivalent to the feature addition a product has and released as Version 1, Version 2.. etc.

For a website, imagine building a room with 4 walls made up of logs. The walls here are symbolic of the various(hundreds) webpages. And the ideal condition being that all the walls should be of the same height at any given time (same version, projecting the same idea). To build such a room, the online marketeer has to always make sure that his learning is applied to all the walls. He cannot afford to miss out on any wall/page. He should place a log based on the knowledge (acquired with time) on one wall/page, then look back at other pages and do the same there.

As we gain knowledge with experience, we need to impart that knowledge on all the parts. Never be afraid to retrospect.

Better retrospect now than regret later!

Sam Jayanth

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