Love marriage or arranged marriage?!

Now that my sister’s wedding date is out and I’ve been telling everyone about it, invariably I hear one of the two sentences :

“So,When is yours?”
“Is it love marriage or arranged marriage”

Both questions equally irritate me. Of the two, the first one is RELATIVELY reasonable, but the second one – Oh, COME ON! we are living in the 21st century. Is that even a question?! It’s as stupid as asking some educated person in this era,”have you heard of internet?” (should be educated so that he can understand that question which is in English :)).

Anyway, coming back to the “question”.
If you mean by “love marriage”, whether they love each other, “YES” would be their reply.
And by “arranged marriage”, if you mean “do their parents approve?”, Yes, they do.

So call it whatever you like, but please don’t ask me that “question”. Please!

P.s: If you have asked me that question and thinking if this post is only for you, “it’s not!”. Believe me, you are not the only one who asked me that.

Sam Jayanth

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