Accidents happen!!

Warning: This short story is not one of my best. So if you are new here, read the others and visit this later. 🙂

Philip was a marketeer. Today was one of the four days in a year he looked forward to. Today was the day he would know the result of all his efforts. At least the efforts he put in during the last 3 months. As a marketeer for one of the best products in the industry, he didn’t care about the 12 months of the year. He cared only about the 4 quarters of the year and the day following the end of each quarter, that was the day when the sales report came along. And today was one of those days. The sales report was in, as he put it, it was “as smooth as his life”. As you might have guessed he was single (If he wasn’t, he will have so many other dates to remember!), living with his parents and his brother.

It was 9 P.M, he took a final look at the sales report and he saw it was good. “Will do better in the coming quarter” he assured himself. He called home to tell his mom “keep dinner ready,mom. I’ll be home in 40 minutes”. He went through the smoke (and smokers) filled parking lot to take his bike. Just passing through that place made him smell like the smoke and his parents were almost convinced that he smoked, they were just waiting to get their hands on the one matchbox or the cigarette, carelessly left in any of his pockets that would ensure their doubt.

He started his bike and drove off to home. In the city traffic, it was hard to get home without sighting even a single ambulance and all he could do was offer a little prayer whenever an ambulance passed him, which was everyday. At least this way he could tell people that he prayed everyday! And he passed one this day too. He said a little prayer. He was halfway from home when his mobile started vibrating in his pants pocket. He hated to take calls when riding, and hated even more to miss any call. So he took the call. Of course parked the bike at the side of the road and took the call. It was his friend Rahul and he sounded bad.

“What happend, Rahul?” he asked.
“Arun met with an accident” he replied
“What?.. how? Is it serious?”asked Philip
“Ya. They have taken him to the general hospital.”

Arun, Rahul and Philip were rooming together during college days. They had become to be brothers from friends in those 4 years of college. He got lost thinking how special those days had been. Always sticking together in times of trouble for one another.. how one time..

That’s when Rahul’s voice jerked him back to reality..
Rahul had a friend working at the hospital.

Philip asked him “Did you call Dr.Vidya”
“Of course I did. She said he is in a critical state and wants A+ donors. My blood group is A+. Come quick and pick me up.”

And so he went to Rahul’s place as soon as he could, parked the bike outside, and ran up the flight of stairs to Rahul’s first floor apartment. He opened the door and saw Rahul and Arun sitting on the couch and watching TV. As soon as he entered, they both looked at him and started to laugh. He didn’t understand initially but as they continued to laugh, he realized that the first quarter of year was over and today was the first day of April. As he realized it he too joined in the laughter!


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