I wish I could talk. I was born in Pune. Now I am in Bangalore along with so many others who look equally beautiful. My job is to stand and stare at people. And of course try to attract them with my charms. Today morning I was at my usual place. The girl next to me was taken by a mean looking drunkard yesterday. She was brought here as a wreck today morning. When I asked her how it had happened she told me that the guy was too drunk and had lost control over himself. If only she could talk to the police. None of us can. The man “responsible” for us is not bothered with what happens with us. I saw an awesome guy in a bus today. He seemed excited about something. He was gazing through when his eyes fell on me. He seemed to be happier now. I wish I could have told him that it was love at first sight for me. If only I could talk. The guy looked decent and I knew he can keep me safe from rough weather, put a roof above my head and can quench my thirst.

The guy’s journal:
After I had finished my driving license test, I was coming back home by bus. I was very much excited and that’s when my gaze fell on her. It was definitely love at first sight for me. I don’t know about how she felt. She hasn’t told me yet. If she could, she would. I’ve seen many before and have been with many but she was a class apart .She was… words fail me. Now I wish I had taken my English classes seriously, so that I can put my thoughts on paper. I went home in a trance. I could not get the look of her off my mind. I wanted her for myself. I wanted to own her. My friends saw me and my face betrayed my feelings. They asked me if I would introduce them…. I promised them that I’d take them. I summoned up enough courage to ask the manager, fearing that maybe I won’t be able to afford her price. I went to her, saw her, and knew at that time that she had to be mine; she didn’t even have to tell me anything. One look at her, and I knew she was worth it. I took her out. I wanted a drink. Even she seemed to be eager. We went to “A-one” restaurant, the one at the Reliance petrol bunk. We were both satisfied. I think she was happy too. She was radiating and seemed bright. I think I might have turned her on. Then we rode into sunset. My Honda Activa and me.

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