MOTO X FORCE on big discount on both Amazon and Flipkart

Seems like Motorola has slashed price of MOTO X FORCE for now from a whooping Rs. 49,999 to Rs. 34,999. That’s a huge discount of Rs. 15,000. The discount seems to available both on AMAZON and FLIPKART.

Moto x force comes in two variants 32GB and 64 GB.

While the 32 GB MOTO x Force is available for Rs. 34,999, Moto X Force (Black, 64GB) is available for Rs. 37,999.

I’ve been using MOTOGTURBO for sometime now and it’s a great buy, as the OS in MOTO is more towards the vanilla Android as compared to the androids running on other devices.


BUY MOTO X FORCE at a huge discount

Click for Details at Amazon

Make use of the discount while it last, if you want to buy a mobile that doesn’t shatter by a simple drop.


I’ve been using MOTO G TUBO and love the phone. If you want good MOTO phone but have a small budget, I’d definitely suggest you buy MOTO G TURBO.

Big basket – product shoutout

I’m starting a new category of posts today, Brand Shoutouts, wherein I write about some of the products/services that I use and am impressed with, additionally I might mention a few improvement areas in the product/service.

Let me begin this with one of my favourite Indian product/service It’s an online grocery store/supermarket. I’ve been using it for the last one year.

Some of the features I like are:

1. Option to add to cart from the Search Suggestion

It gives all the essential information about the product. Brand name, quantity, price and the best part is a user can change the quantity right there in the Suggestions and ADD to cart.

It saves user time, which is a significant part of user experience in an e-commerce site.

big basket brand shoutout

Add to cart from search suggestions

2. The delivery slots -

Ensures that users don’t have to wait the whole day for their delivery. It will be really great if other sites (eg. Amazon, Flipkart) have this option. An approximate window (2.5hrs) when the delivery will be made  gives users freedom to plan that day the around time slot.

big basket brand shoutout

delivery slots of bigbasket

3. Place an add-on order.

This is something that happens to all of us. Be it going to a real store or be it buying online, we tend to forget some items till we step back into the house from a shop or in this case, till we finish payment. “Did you add Apples” my wife will ask. oops!

This add-on is a nice option to fallback on. Even after user have completed the order and checked-out, users can add more items to be delivered in the same time slot as the main order. Users can choose to pay  by cash for this particular additional order or pay online.

Enhancement request:

I’ve also faced some frustrations with the product and I’m sure it will be useful for the product team to point those out here.


As a user when I open the website and if I’m not logged in, there is a overlay box where I’m asked to enter the city. But I’m a registered user and I ‘skip’ that step and then sign-in to the product. Keep in mind that now I’m signed in. I add items to cart (20 items) and go to checkout. I pick the delivery address (the only one that I have on record), a overlay pops up saying ‘Some of the items (6 items) are not available for delivery to this address’, I have an option to ‘review order’, on clicking on that I am taken to the checkout screen where items that are not available to my address are removed, I see only 14 items in the cart.

Two problems and proposed solutions.

1. When I click on Review Order, in the cart page there is no mention of items that are removed from the cart. I’m left with 14 items with no idea which 6 items are not available for my address. The solution can be to show the 6 items in a different style or an error icon or many other solutions!

2. When I sign-in why can’t the product make the city as the one address in record (eg.Chennai). Why does the product have rely on pre-sign-in cookie, the solution will be to use the signed in user’s city. If there are two cities, then perhaps the product can prompt the user to pick an address. Eg. Amazon asks for delivery PIN in the product page to show availability.

So, thanks BigBasket for the wonderful service but try to fix these issues too!

LIC premium online payment [video]

Nowadays everything can be done online, especially payments of your LIC Premium, electricity bill etc. In this blog I will focus on how to pay LIC premium online.

I have recorded a video for your convenience. I have also added screenshots and steps on how to do this.

Here is the video tutorial on how to pay LIC premium online.


Here are the screenshots and steps to pay LIC premium online:

  1. go to
  2. Click on the button that says “Pay premium online”. I have made a red border around this button so that you can spot it easily. See below the screenshot.

LIC premium online payment


3. Once you click on that button, the below page will open. In that page, click on “pay direct” button as shown below.

LIC premium payment


4. Now you should be viewing this page, shown below. Enter the POLICY NUMBER, INSTALLMENT PREMIUM and DATE OF BIRTH as per the policy document.

the emailid and mobile number can be yours or of the policy holder. NOTE THAT the payment receipt will be sent to this email id and mobile number.

After you type the text that you see in your screen on the box that is on the right side, click on SUBMIT button.

lic premium online payment

5. after that you will see the below screen, you can view the details that you entered in the above screen. you can just check to see if those details are correct.

lic premium online payment

6. In the below screen, in the last line you will see the name of the policy holder as per the policy document. ensure that it is the correct/intended name. If it is not the correct name, then you have made a mistake in entering the policy number.

After you have verified the details, you can click on the small box under “PAY Pm” and then click on submit button.

LIC premium online payment


7. Now, select the payment option you wish to pay with, then click on SUBMIT.

lic premium payment
8. Once your transaction is complete. you will directed to this screen. You will most probably get the payment receipt to the email ID that you entered in step 4, within 5 minutes of payment. You can also get the receipt by clicking on the link “click for payment acknowledgement…” that is at the bottom of the screen shown below.


lic premium payment


That’s it. That is how easy it is to pay the LIC premium online.

hope this was helpful. if it was was helpful, please share on facebook and to your friends.



Why you should not buy Amazon Kindle

The shorter version:

My friend had bought this device from UK. After two years of using Kindle, suddenly one day the power button stopped working. I mailed support, after three calls, got connected to someone from UK, after a 20 mins discussion she(Chris) said that I can get a another Kindle(for 63 pounds). After the she mailed me saying they dont ship to India. I replied asking for alternative solution and got reply from from someone else who says she is sorry this happened, a call should help. back to square 1. So, I’m stuck with a broken device from Amazon that is made by Amazon, which they will neither replace, nor repair (coz they don’t have any service centers in India).

Why you shouldn’t buy a Kindle:

  1. it has only one year warranty, anything happens to the device after that time. You just have to buy a new one, even if the problem was with the device and not caused by you
  2. Jeff Bezos claims to read mails from customers. Evidently he doesn’t.
  3. You cannot get the device repaired as Amazon doesnt have resellers or service centers.
  4. I had to interact with 6 support agents(one after the other) and still no help.

The longer version:

Scene 1 – 1st support person

My friend had bought this device from UK. After two years of using Kindle, suddenly one day the power button stopped working. I mailed their support the issue that my Kindle screen is frozen and I’m not able to wake up my Kindle. Got a response from them that I should call their support for faster issue resolution. I don’t why they can’t call me. I called their support, a person called Naresh told me to try to restart the Kindle,  I tried and it didnt restart, it was still frozen. He asked me to connect to the charging adapter and asked me what color was the LED, i said “orange”. He told me to charge the battery to 100% and then try restarting the device. I have no idea how that will help but I told him I will do that and call back if problem persists.

Scene 2 – 2nd support person

Battery fully charged, I tried to restart, nothing happened. After a week, I called their support again. She told me to connect the charging cable to a computer and tried charging to 100% again. No idea what she thought will vary if one charges with the adapter or a computer. I told her I will do that and this time she should schedule a call back. she said she will call back in 45 mins.

Scene 3 – 3rd Support person

I connected the the cable to a computer and Kindle woke up, unfroze. As soon as i connected it unfroze. Then I realized the problem must be with power button. Coz, when you connect a Kindle via a computer, Kindle acts a drive and a message pops up in Kindle. That’s how the Kindle woke up. When the previous support exec called me up, I told her that I found the root cause of the issue – power button failure. She asked me where I purchased from, I told her UK. So she patched thru a call with UK support executive called Chris. She first authenticated me with email ID and address, which was India. And then told me that since this was beyond first year warranty period, they can’t replace the device but can give an alternative for a discounted price. She suggested a KINDLE FIRE to me, it was shocking that a Kindle exec will think that a Kindle user will buy a FIRE instead. the whole point of Kindle is e-ink.  She offered a REFURBISHED KINDLE PAPERWHITE for 63 pounds. 63 pounds for a power button failure of a device manufactured by Amazon and sold by Amazon.

Scene 4 – oh no, they took it back and 4th and 5th Support person.

After the long 20 mins call with Chris. She sent an email that I have to bear the SHIPPING COST as well, so I asked her how much will it cost to ship to India. She replied saying they dont ship to India. when I replied asking her for an alternative solution, someone else replied to the mail saying that they are sorry they can’t ship from UK. When I replied again asking ‘well, what about this device, where can I get it fixed’, some one else replied saying they don’t have any service center.

Well, Mr. Jeff Bezos, what do I do with the device that you manufactured, that you sold and now the power button is broken without any physical harm to the device. 63 pounds for a broken power button that isn’t even caused by the end user.

Staying Young – TIL

Something I read today, which has been my motto for long: to learn everyday. Now I have a good reason to!

Henry Ford said that “anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

Schmidt, Eric (2014-09-23). How Google Works (Kindle Locations 1491-1492). Hodder & Stoughton. Kindle Edition.

Hospital chairs – TIL

Hospital chairs have to be set of 4(or any even number). Not 3(or any odd number).

Today I visited a hospital where the seating was sets of 3 chairs in a row. They had space to place 4 in a row, but they had only 3 in a row.

The problem with 3, is that, usually there is someone to accompany the patient, i.e. usually there are two people who come together. So when you place ‘3 in a row’ seats, then there will always be people who will not be able to sit with the one whom they came with.

‘3 in a row’ might work for banks but not hospitals.

6 AM – silence breaks

A crow caws, a dog barks, a vessel falls, rattles, a biker honks, a twig breaks, milkman’s cycle bell, an alarm clock rings, a gate opens.

All this I hear at 6 AM, the silence is broken, the sleep is lost. I type these words till I find it back.