Good sermon vs a sermon

Good sermon is when after the sermon, Pastor says ‘Let’s pray, please close your eyes’. Bad sermon is when after the sermon your neighbor says ‘open your eyes, the sermon is over’.    

MOTO X FORCE on big discount on both Amazon and Flipkart

Seems like Motorola has slashed price of MOTO X FORCE for now from a whooping Rs. 49,999 to Rs. 34,999. That’s a huge discount of Rs. 15,000. The discount seems to available both on AMAZON and FLIPKART. Moto x force comes in two variants 32GB and 64 GB. While the 32 GB MOTO x Force […]

Big basket – product shoutout

I’m starting a new category of posts today, Brand Shoutouts, wherein I write about some of the products/services that I use and am impressed with, additionally I might mention a few improvement areas in the product/service. Let me begin this with one of my favourite Indian product/service It’s an online grocery store/supermarket. I’ve been using […]

LIC premium online payment [video]

Nowadays everything can be done online, especially payments of your LIC Premium, electricity bill etc. In this blog I will focus on how to pay LIC premium online. I have recorded a video for your convenience. I have also added screenshots and steps on how to do this. Here is the video tutorial on how […]

Why you should not buy Amazon Kindle

The shorter version: My friend had bought this device from UK. After two years of using Kindle, suddenly one day the power button stopped working. I mailed support, after three calls, got connected to someone from UK, after a 20 mins discussion she(Chris) said that I can get a another Kindle(for 63 pounds). After the […]

Lijjat Papad – TIL

Today I heard about Lijjat Papad from my wife. I had not heard of this name before and so she got this video of ‘The Story of Lijjat Papad’. Truly inspirational story of women entrepreneurship. Respect! check it out!

Staying Young – TIL

Something I read today, which has been my motto for long: to learn everyday. Now I have a good reason to! Henry Ford said that “anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” Schmidt, Eric […]

Hospital chairs – TIL

Hospital chairs have to be set of 4(or any even number). Not 3(or any odd number). Today I visited a hospital where the seating was sets of 3 chairs in a row. They had space to place 4 in a row, but they had only 3 in a row. The problem with 3, is that, […]

Tortoise vs Turtle – TIL series

I thought tortoise and turtles were similar but different species. But according to Wikipedia: “Contrary to popular belief, tortoises are in fact turtles rather than part of a separate group”. and here is a link for you to know the difference between tortoises and turtles.

Today I learnt

Today I learnt is a series I’m starting, where I will update whenever I learn something new. I will start with today’s discovery: Real juice, Odomos and Odonil are products of Dabur. I just knew about their honey. I met someone who worked with Dabur in sales and struck up a conversation to later find […]