Exodus Movie – NO.

Longest 150 minutes. Not only for me, for a lot of people, because like this tweet pointed out


The movie is neither based fully on the Bible nor are the effects and graphics a treat.

The problems:

BIBLE: “12 Looking this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.

MOVIE: Moses kills one Egyptian and wounds the other because those two call him a slave by mistake.

BIBLE: 18 Then Moses went back to Jethro his father-in-law and said to him, “Let me return to my own people in Egypt to see if any of them are still alive.” here

Jethro said, “Go, and I wish you well.”

19 Now the Lord had said to Moses in Midian, “Go back to Egypt, for all those who wanted to kill you are dead.” 20 So Moses took his wife and sons, put them on a donkey and started back to Egypt. And he took the staff of God in his hand.


1. Moses leaves his wife and goes.

2. There is no staff of God.

BIBLE: 27 The Lord said to Aaron, “Go into the wilderness to meet Moses.” So he met Moses at the mountain of God and kissed him. 28 Then Moses told Aaron everything the Lord had sent him to say, and also about all the signs he had commanded him to perform.

29 Moses and Aaron brought together all the elders of the Israelites, 30 and Aaron told them everything the Lord had said to Moses. He also performed the signs before the people, 31 and they believed.

MOVIE: Aaron is introduced to Moses through Nun.

There are a lot of discrepancies. If you want the real story as per the Bible, check it out here. Do read, it’s pretty interesting.

Even the effects were not great. Ridley Scott could have done so much better with the plagues and dividing of red sea but somewhere in the middle of the movie he seemed to have lost interest.

If you have read the Biblical version, then you won’t agree with the movie. If you have not read the Biblical version, then you won’t understand. Either way, I would recommend you give this movie a pass.

Lenovo s850 mobile phone review

Model: Lenovo s850

Price: Rs.13,100 in Amazon India, from where I bought it.

Specifications (important ones):

  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Quad core
  • Storage – 16 GB (no ext memory slot)
  • Dual SIM
  • 5 inch screen
  • Android 4.4.2 kit kat
  • Primary camera – 13 MegaPixel
  • Secondary camera – 5 MegaPixel
  • Battery – 2000 mAh – not removable
  • Flash present

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star


For what I wanted this offered the best value for money. I have loaded it with a lot of apps and its fast, there is no lag. But you should know that I am not a gamer and have not installed any games. I liked the image quality and resolution it offers. This is any day better than buying a MOTO G, as the photo resolution is bad for moto g. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the box had case for the phone.

Primary camera photos:

The quality is superb as you can see in the below pics. But I must warn you that the image stabilizer is not great, that is if you are shoot a pic while in motion, the pic is not good.



Depth of field:

The camera has a lot of options such as Macro, Auto, Beautify and more.

I will be posting more pics on my instagram accnt: http://instagram.com/joejayanth

Security suite:

It comes with a security suit that is pretty cool and easy to setup. One of the features is a user can delete all his phone data by sending a sms with


I have 3G on all the time. I use twitter, Instagram, whatsapp and mails regularly. The battery stays for close to 12 hrs.

App availability:

It’s Android, so there is no problem with that.


It comes with in-ear ear plugs and comes with a case – good case(shown below)

Overall I’m pretty happy with this as of now. This is after less than a week of usage.

Images of Lenovo s850 mobile phone:


Lenovo s850 images

The rich display

Lenovo s850 images

home screen

Lenovo s850 images

Pretty slim

Lenovo s850 images

The stand is part of the case, it came with. cool huh!

Lenovo s850 images

the back LED. the name glows

Lenovo s850 images

pretty slim, even with the case. Notice the side speaker. Headphone jack and charger port are on the top.

Bajaj Allianz Insurance Payment – appalling

Recently, I had a hard time trying to pay the premium online for a Bajaj Allianz Insurance. Bajaj Allianz site is so badly designed, it is horrific. Most of the links take you to buying policies online and not for premium payment.Their support is terribly bad. The executives are not equipped and they don’t stick to the scheduled time of call.

Finally after a lot of man-hours, I found the useful link and was able to renew.

Note: I will not be buying insurance(any!) from these guys again.

This is more of a bookmark for me and a help offered to other poor souls who have to renew their Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance online – here is the (secret) link – https://bajajallianzlifeonline.co.in/online/portal/logon/payPremium.jsp



Cleartrip, clearly bad service.

I had booked a resort (Wild Elephant Eco Resort) through Cleartrip and I must say both the resort and Cleartrip service was really bad, especially Cleartrip’s.

1. Wrong offers, without clarity.

cleartrip offer screenshot

Cleartrip offer screenshot

“Flat 25% off, use code WKDBRK” was what it said on site. I booked a hotel(Rs.6000) and saw only Rs. 1000 discounted. I called their customer support and spoke to one lady who said that a maximum of Rs.1000 off was the condition (it was not mentioned anywhere as you can see in the screenshot), to which I told her that it says “Flat 25% off”, then she put me on hold and transferred the call to one other person. This guy tells me that a maximum of Rs. 1000 was the condition, when I repeated to him that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere, he said “sir, next time when you see offers, please call and check with us”. Crazy!


2. Hotel Location – wrongly provided.

cleartrip screwup - wrong location of hotel in QR code.

cleartrip screwup – wrong location of hotel in QR code

After booking the resort I received a “booking voucher” from Cleartrip which had a QR code to locate the hotel. We drove from Cochin to Munnar and it was not an easy drive. I wanted to reach Munnar before sundown and reached by 6:30 PM following the location given by Cleartrip as per the QR code. On reaching the location, there was no resort there, it was the middle of the Munnar market/town. We called up the resort to check where it was and that resort person said it was 30 Kms before the Munnar town and he wouldn’t cancel that night’s reservation. Because of which I had to find another hotel for that night in Munnar town.

That is how unreliable Cleartrip is and next time, even if you are booking on Cleartrip (dont!), remember:

1. Call them about those offers/discounts. What is displayed on their site is incomplete.

2. Dont believe that QR code. Call the hotel and ask for directions.

Cost incurred because of this mistake by Cleartrip: Rs. 4000.

UPDATE(10th Sep, 9 PM): Cleartrip support has informed me via email that they will refund the booking amount and I’m happy about the way they have dealt in this case. They have retained a user today!

IT guy in the land of hobbits

So there was this IT guy, let’s call him Sunil, in the land of Hobbits, trying to make peace between the Dragon and the hobbits.

Don’t ask questions, just keep reading…

So where was I, ah, Sunil trying to be the peacemaker. Right then the dragon picks up one of the hobbits. For some reason, for the sake of this joke that is coming, let’s say that the dragon and hobbits both listen to Sunil.

Enter Nisha – an on-site engineer, calls him on his mobile phone and asks “hey, how do I copy the files from one folder to another, it’s urgent, client is breathing down my neck, please tell me”.

Sunil has no time, his IT friend’s career in one hand and hobbit’s life in another. He just has time to say one line, one short line to fix both the problems at the same time.

the question is what does Sunil say? just one line, a short line to fix both the problems? :)
answer is, Sunil says “drag n drop” :D

Lost my wallet and found humanity

It was a regular day. I got up and went out to buy milk from a shop that is about 200 meters from my house, one straight road. But this day, for some weird reason I decided to wear these track pants that I haven’t used in ages. And also this day my wife wanted me to withdraw some cash from an ATM, which is 200 meters and 2 turns away.

I took my cycle and went to the milk shop, bought the milk and then went to the ATM. I went in, withdrew the cash, put it in my wallet, put the wallet in the back pocket of my track pants and rode back home. Some 50 meters from home, I felt my finger for the wedding ring and it wasn’t there, coz it was in my wallet, where I usually keep it when I go to bed or for a bath. Instinctively I reached for the wallet in the back pocket to assure my heart that “the ring is right there”. I’m sure my heart replied, “yes, the ring is right there in the wallet, but the wallet isn’t in there!” coz as I felt for my wallet, it wasn’t there in the back pocket. I had been sleepy until then, even while riding the bike lazily, and at that moment I woke up. THE WALLET WAS MISSING!!! I obviously freaked, rode the cycle as fast as possible to the ATM to see if it was lying on the road or at least if someone(some good soul!) picked it up, I could get it back if they were waiting to see whose it was.

I had cards in it – PAN, license, debit, credit. But the most important thing was the ring – THE RING! I couldn’t find it on the road, neither could I see anyone holding it. I raced back home, looking on the road. I went back again to the ATM, went in and searched and this time came back home riding slowly, looking at the road more carefully. I reached my home, with a broken, heavy heart.

My wife opened the door and I just stood there feeling and looking miserable. She looked at me to see if I was alright and asked me what had happened, I told her the whole story. The first thing she suggested was that we pray about it and the good Lord will touch the person’s heart (if anyone had it) to return it to us. We prayed!

Faith is a good thing, but I(being human) wanted a plan B. I called all the banks and blocked all my cards and then started looking online for the local police station to go file an FIR.

About an hour had passed by when I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I picked up and he said “sir, did you lose your wallet?” I was overwhelmed with joy and replied “yes, sir, yes, sir” and he said “I’m calling from Adambakkam auto stand, one of the drivers (Mr. Murugan) found your wallet on the road. Can you come and collect it?” I told him, honestly, that I didn’t know my way around and he suggested he would come and drop it at my place. I told him where I live and we met in a mutually agreed place near my house in 15 minutes where he returned my wallet, with all the contents just as they were.

I thanked him and rewarded his “humanness” with money from the reclaimed wallet.

Flipkart evouchers are a sham!

You might know the WS retail is flipkart’s own seller (flipkart itself). Flipkart evouchers/gifts are applicable only on product whose seller is WS retail. When a person goes to Flipkart to buy something, it is because there is a clear intent to buy something ( that item of interest). Or let us, for the sake of argument, say that a user might just browse the flipkart website to see if there are any good offers or something new has come up, which one might buy. So, we agree, irrespective of the which case one fits into, that it is the object or “thing” that one is focused on and not the seller who is gonna ship it to you.

With that case in mind here are the problems:

1. there is no way for a user to search for a particular product AND shipped by a particular seller. So what I have to do is look for a product and then go through each of the product description to see who the seller is. Coz’ if I want to use the flipkart gift card or evoucher I have to make sure that this particular product of interest is shipped by WS Retail. This is a pain.

2. By the time you go through all the product details to find that particular item shipped by WS retail in particular, one is fed up and forgets about the item of interest. And starts looking for a way to access all the items sold by WS Retail, perhaps one might find some items (that WS retail ships) that might of interest to him/her. But there is no way to browse all items by a particular seller. Again, a pain.

I wanted to buy a cycle helmet and a tupperware lunch box, both are available but not sold by WS retail. So I couldn’t user the flipkart voucher. Now I’m in the mode of searching anything sold by WS retail (even if it is of no use to me) to use the gift vouchers on.

It has been a terrible experience trying to redeem the “flipkart” evoucher on flipkart!! It would be fair to name it “WS Retail voucher”!! Flipkart evouchers are white elephants!

Taxi for sure… for sure!

I use this blog to review products or services (good and bad). This post is for the cab service provided by Taxi For Sure, new guys in the market.

I’ve been shuttling between Chennai and Bangalore a lot in the last year. In Bangalore getting a cab used to be a nightmare, especially on weekends. Only name I knew then was Meru Cabs and they always put users on hold (sometimes for more than 5 minutes to let you know that there are no cab available).

Recently, I think six months back, a friend of mine told me about Taxi For Sure (I shall call it TFS, too big a name to type). I figured there was no harm in trying this service, I called them up and after a short (30 secs) caller tune, where they ensure that you never forget their jingle or the number 60-60-10-10, I got through to a customer service guy, I guess. He took down my details and assured me that I will get the cab on time, which I was doubtful of. Only assuring factor was that I got an sms with my travel details within the minute of that call.

30 minutes before my ride I got an SMS from TFS with the phone number of cabbie. The cab came on time, and the driver had a smart phone with navigation system et al. The experience was same as any other cab service but the good part was, as soon as I reached the destination, right that minute, before I even got off the cab, I got an sms from TFS, providing details of the bill. I found that great and useful, even for future reference of expenditure. If I were on an official trip I can use that for accounting too!

So that was I got introduced to Taxi For Sure. From that time (six months or so) I’ve always used their service. I was back in Chennai the land of ‘Fast Track’ cabs and NTL cabs. They used to be good but recently I experienced a lot of last-minute cancellations from their end, which leaves you stranded. It had become too big a gamble to rely on these services. So I tried TFS, the service and assurance was the same as my experience with TFS in Blore.

The one drawback that can be rectified from TFS end is that, the drivers even with GPS, call me up before reaching my place of pickup. I really wish they didn’t call me 30 mins before pickup for directions.
case in point: I had a 5 AM flight to catch. i booked the cab for 3:30 AM. My plan was to get up at 3 AM. The cabbie called me at 2:30 to know the route to my place. that can be very annoying.

But I realized recently, booking a cab online through their site (http://taxiforsure.com). there is an option to show your point of pickup in the maps. Hopefully, the cabbie wont be the guy to wake you up, from now on.

Based on my experience of using TFS for more than 5 times, I would definitely recommend that you try it out.

Taxi for sure… for sure! :)